Sunday, December 16, 2012

Collaboration ~ Shan Boggs

December is a time to reflect.
Photograph by Shän Boggs.

It has been an amazing year of great blog interviews – from Mark Kirkpatrick with his wonderful mountain home designs to Debbie Arnold a multi-talented artist of stunning nature paintings; dancer Luo Yi preserving ancient Chinese dance to Jim Masterson with his amazing gift for healing horses; Matt Haugland and his fascinating work with microclimates to storm chaser and tornado researcher Robin Tanamachi; Ford Roosevelt with his educational scholarships to at risk kids through Project GRAD LA to Aaron Gentry Boggs who volunteered to work with refugees in Uganda, teaching art and computer classes; Lidewij Niezink on the importance of empathy and creating a culture of kindness to Howard Glasser and his significant work with ADHD children; educational pioneer, researcher and author Dr. Franklin CampbellJones on his work in Cultural Proficiency to science educator Arthur Beauchamp and his new science curriculum that uses tabloids to teach students about “critical thinking”; the amazing artist and writer Linda Vallejo with her stunning art and comments on creativity to new writer David Hall, a former street kid nurtured by a group of concerned adults that helped raise him to adulthood; Exploratorium Director Dennis Bartel on his amazing experiential museum in San Francisco to Dr. Jeffrey Basara and his climate research and special interest in flash drought.

When I started this blog, a friend asked me why I wasn’t journaling and providing reports on my thoughts and activities. Well… I’ve been so fortunate to have been introduced to or know so many interesting people doing interesting things that I really wanted to write about them. The response to my requests for interviews has been wonderful.

Throughout the blogs, I was left with a sense that many of the people I interviewed held a deep feeling of gratitude for others that had helped nurture their talents along the way - people who saw something in them or rallied round them to accomplish great things. Whether it was a parent, mentor, friend or an entire team of people – few worked in isolation to accomplish their goals or dreams. There was a form of guidance or a support system of like-minded people that set them on a course to success.

So it is with me, I am happy to share. I have had an amazing year, with the publication of three cookbooks for people with food sensitivities – the Fast and Fabulous Gourmet Cookbook series – Mediterranean, Pacific Rim and Diet editions. Old friends came to my aid to guide me and provide me with the advice I needed. And new friends came into my life with amazing skills and abilities.

  e-Book designs created by Jim Bunte. Photographs by Geoffrey Nelson.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have struggled for years with food allergies and that I became very ill a few years ago. Happily, I was able to change my diet and improve my health significantly by returning to a Mediterranean diet. It is my hope that these e-cookbooks will also help others seeking healthy and delicious food.

My gratitude goes out to Suzanne Tripier, who taught me how to cook when I lived with her family overseas in Mallorca, Spain; Dr. Carmen Arriola, who shared with me the link between diet and my illness; Naomi Renbarger for her edits and recommendations; writer/editor Jim Hollander for his wonderful Foreword; photographer Geoffrey Nelson, who I knew in Mallorca (and reconnected with here in California) and took the beautiful food photographs for all three books; Wei Wong for her inspiring book cover designs; and last, but not least, Jim Bunte an extraordinary e-book designer and web designer, who shared in the vision of what these cookbooks could be and took them to a higher level.

As December winds down, may you take joy in reflecting on all that you have accomplished this year and may you have a Wonderful New Year full of exciting opportunities. ~ Shän Boggs

 Cover designs by Wei Wong. Photographs by Geoffrey Nelson.

For those of you who want to try out some recipes, please see me on Pinterest.

Shän Boggs is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. Her interests include science, technology, the environment, health, education, multimedia, art, and gourmet cooking.

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